Coniglio con peperoni - Rabbit with capsicums
Felice Cunsolo

Coniglio con peperoni - Rabbit with capsicumsIngredients for six people
1 rabbit
Veal fat
Butter, oil
1 bay leaf, rosemary, thyme
Basil, sage
3 anchovies
5 capsicums
3 cloves of garlic
Vinegar, salt

  • Cut the rabbit into pieces and lightly fry it in a little fat from veal kidneys and butter, with a bay leaf, tips of rosemary springs, marjoram, thyme, basil and sage.
  • Add a little salt, remove the fat, and moisten with boiling stock. Continue cooking, adding more stock as necessary, a little at a time.
  • In the meantime, cut the capsicums into strips and brown them in a pan with the boned anchovies, the finely sliced cloves of garlic, oil and butter.
  • When the capsicums are browned, cover them with half a cup of vinegar and stir frequently.
  • Transfer the capsicums to the pot where the rabbit is cooking, and leave to simmer for a further half hour.

Wine Suggested: For this recipe I go on a white wine, round rich and quite unique like the Ribolla gialla of Josko Gravner, Anfora 2003.

Photo Credits by WhatYouLove

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